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Chris strives to achieve social impact in emerging markets through the intersections of entrepreneurship, finance, education, technology, and creative design. After a decade-long career in management consulting at Deloitte, Chris was inspired to switch from the corporate sector into social impact pursuits. He spent five years in Africa doing global development sector technical assistance on capacity-building, financial inclusion, entrepreneurship training, and social business. It was there that his eyes were opened to the transformative power of education to boost incomes and livelihoods for underserved citizens. As a leader on regulatory and supervisory initiatives for banking sector reform and entrepreneurship promotion in Africa, he helps to advance best practices, transparency, financial literacy, and alignment of microfinance with collective sustainable development goals.

Chris holds keen interests in using compelling storytelling and human-centered design to help people improve their lives. With the rest of his team, he builds and grows the Mosabi platform to digitize business and financial literacy education to make it scalable – bringing opportunity and financial access to underserved populations through mobile learning.